The experts recognize the Apostille to be one of the easiest methods of documents processing for use in other countries. However, in practice the putting down Apostille is a rather complicated procedure, which is reasonable to entrust with the professionals.

What for do we need the Apostille (Kyiv and other cities of Ukraine)?

Legalization (Apostille) of documents is required to provide them with a proper legal force in another country. In fact, any legally valid document in one state may completely effective in the other country only upon its proper legalization in a due manner.
That is, in order for a document issued within Ukraine to be recognized abroad, you need to legalize it. The procedure is to confirm the authenticity of the signature or seal, as well as the authority of a person issuing this document.
Working with our experts in the field of documents legalization you can avoid long-term wandering through the various ministries, filling complex applications not always containing clear wording, as well as free of queues and unnecessary hassle associated with uncertainty about the timely receipt of the documents.

Apostille services

  • Putting down Apostille in the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine - birth certificate, marriage certificate, divorce certificate, death certificate.
  • Putting down Apostille in the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine - notarial and court documents.
  • Putting down Apostille in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine.
  • Putting down Apostille in the Ministry of Education of Ukraine.
  • Putting down the seal of the Main Department of Justice of the city of Kyiv, Kyiv Region and other regions of Ukraine for further Apostille.

Apostille in Kyiv and Ukraine

The highly qualified specialists of our Agency have an extensive experience of working not only in Kyiv, but other Ukrainian cities, so they will solve all your queries in a quality manner related to the documents legalization.
After many years of work our employees managed to make the process of preparing documents fast and really easy! Just set a challenge to us associated with the Apostille procedure in Kyiv or other Ukrainian city - and we will solve it as soon as possible due to our great practical experience in preparing corporate and personal documents.

Apostille in Kyiv – prices & terms

For more information on Apostille, terms and cost of the services you can obtain through contacting us or sending a request to our Agency address.


Apostille prices (Kyiv)

From UAH 500

Note: The specific cost of the Apostille stamp you can find out with our manager