No event involving the participation and speech of the foreign guests, colleagues or partners can be hold without a professional interpreter. After all, the mutual understanding among people who speak different languages depends on how well and quickly the interpreter performs its job.

When do we need the interpreter services in Kyiv and other cities of Ukraine?

  • You are invited to negotiate with the foreign partners;
  • Your company has organized a presentation of its products or services for the foreign investors;
  • You are planning to invite technical advisers from the foreign equipment manufacturer;
  • You need to sign a contract or execute the Power of Attorney in English or another language including notarization.

Mova Club Translation Agency will provide you with the certified experienced interpreters for interpretation from English or other languages depending on the specifics of your event (medicine, banking, business, etc).

Interpretation types

Before you order the interpreting services in Kyiv or another city, it is necessary to determine the type of required interpretation. There are two groups identified:

Consecutive interpretation (in Kyiv and regions)

The speaker voices a phrase or a small piece of its speech and makes a pause, during which the interpreter translates what was said.

Simultaneous interpretation (services in Kyiv and regions)

It is performed almost simultaneously with the speaker who does not make pauses. This is the most difficult type of interpretation that is why its cost is higher than the cost of the consecutive one.
The interpreting also includes the extempore translation.

Interpretation specifics and prices (Kyiv)

Unlike written translation the main task of the interpretation is to convey the meaning of what was said and only then - if possible - compliance with the lexical features and style. The interpreter has no possibility to familiarize itself with the content of the text in advance (exception – is the extempore translation) and use a dictionary or the Internet.

Moreover, due to the limited time frame he has to make prompt decisions in order to find the best option for translation, so he can not miss something important in the speech.

The Mova Club Translation Agency employs only professional and qualified interpreters, whose skills are proven over the years. Due to their experience we can guarantee you a high quality consecutive and simultaneous interpretation while ensuring the reasonable prices for interpreting from English and other languages.

Why should you choose our interpreting services?

  • Prior making an arrangement for interpretation services you can appraise the level of the interpreter professionalism through contacting him by the phone.
  • You can order an interpreter urgent visit in Kyiv to any event or notary.
  • In order for the interpreter to better prepare for prior making arrangement for interpretation services inform us of the future event topic providing us, if possible, with textual material containing specific names and terms used.

Note! This is not a complete range of languages specified on the page that our Mova Club Translation Agency works with. If you do not find the language of your interest in this list, please file your corresponding request to our manager.



Interpretation prices, UAH

English: from 600/hour.

German: from 600/hour.

Spanish: from 700/hour.

Italian: from 700/hour.

French: from 700/hour.

Polish: from 700/hour.

Czech: from 700/hour.

Turkish: from 800/hour.

Bulgarian: from 800/hour.