Medical translations

Every year the medical translations become more and more popular – since the medical care globalization in the world requires a large volume of the medical documents translation from the English into Ukrainian, from the Ukrainian into Hebrew etc.

If you require medical treatment abroad or advice of the foreign physicians you may need to perform a competent medical documentation translation.

Health is priceless

Understanding the particular importance and responsibility when dealing with the medical translations we provide you with guaranteed quality services within the maximum limited time frame - while always adhering to the balanced, fair prices.

Please also note the special danger of attracting incompetent professionals (students, "freelancers", etc.) to perform medical translations - in fact, the result of saving a few hryvnia when ordering the translation of the medical records or hospital discharge summary may be the wrong hospitalization, poor treatment and even unnecessary patient's intervention.

Medical translation in Ukraine

The experts of the Mova Club Translation Agency, which is well known in Kyiv for its specialization in the field of medical translations, have the necessary qualifications and extensive experience to ensure you getting a 100% literate translation of the medical documents.

We cooperate both with individuals (patients) and medical institutions as well, including international clinics and pharmacists in the field of various medical documents translation.

When the medical translation services are required:

  • consultations with health clinics (translation of diagnosis, treatment, medical history, translation of patient examination results, documentation of patient care, etc.);
  • drugs registration in Ukraine (medical translation of clinical trials, testing, etc.);
  • translation of medical equipment documents.

What types of medical documents we translate:

  • medical findings, case records, physician's records etc.
  • translation of the clinical protocols, materials of the clinical trials, drug certificates etc.
  • translation of the registration dossier for drugs registration;
  • translation of the medical questionnaires, instructions for use, labelling;
  • translation of the medical books, articles, research reports;
  • translation of the specialized clinical, toxicological, pharmaceutical information;
  • translation of the contracts and insurance reports.

Legalization of the medical documents in Kyiv

In some cases, especially related to the health insurance, there is a need not only to perform the medical translation, but also obtain its public notarization.

The Mova Club Translation Agency is ready to provide you with a complete package of appropriate services – from the qualified medical translation to its notarization in Kyiv, including the delivery to your address.

Note! This is not a complete range of languages specified on the page that our Mova Club Translation Agency works with. If you do not find the language of your interest in this list, please file your corresponding request to our manager.

Medical translation prices, UAH

English: from 130

German: from 130

Spanish: from 150

Italian: from 150

French: from 150

Polish: from 150

Czech: from 240

Turkish: from 240

Bulgarian: from 240

Dutch: from 250

Norwegian: from 290

Romanian/Mold.: from 240

Lithuanian: from 240

Arabic: from 290

Chinese: from 290

Ukr.-Rus.: from 70