Translation verification

Translation verification in Kyiv, as well as verification with agency's seal is carried out for the entire range of languages managed by the Mova Club Translation Agency. You can quickly verify English, German, Spanish, Arabic translation and others.

The same is the prompt verification of the translations from the foreign languages into Ukrainian (so called "notarization").

Translation verification with a notary in Kyiv

Please note that the Mova Club Translation Agency cooperates with many notary offices in Kyiv, so we can provide the immediate translation verification at the Podol, in the Center, Pechersk, Lukianivka, at the Shuliavka, Holosiieve, Obolon, Troieshchyna, Darnytsia, Kharkiv Masyv, Vynohradar, Nyvky, Teremky subway stations and more.

When the translation verification is required (so called "notarization")?

The notarized document is required in cases where the owner of the public document (e.g. passport, diploma, birth certificate or marriage certificate, etc.) is going to execute the travel documents, leaving the country or moves at the permanent residence abroad.

This requires not only the translation of the document, but also the confirmation of its legitimacy, as well as the authenticity of signature of the translator who performed the translation. This is the case for the translation notarization in Kyiv.

Who can verify the translation made into English?

Please note, that you will not be able to individually verify the document translation into English or other language with a notary - unless you have a translator diploma.

That is why the Mova Club provides not only documents translation services, including legal and medical ones, but also facilitates their prompt official verification in Kyiv.

What is required for the document public verification?

In order to obtain public verification of the translation with a notarized copy it is mandatory to provide the original of this document.

If you need only the translation accuracy verification it is not mandatory to provide the original document.

If the document contains more than one page, it must be bound and sealed and signed by a representative of the company or institution that issued the document. Also, during the verification procedure the translator's signature notarization is provided.

The notary certifies a photocopy of the original document issued only in Ukraine or apostilled for Ukraine.

Translation verification with the agency's seal

In cases where it is not mandatory to provide translation public notarization, we can certify it with our Mova Club Agency's seal. Such a "certification" with a seal of the translation agency will certify the compliance of the translated document with the original and confirm the translation appropriate quality.


Cost of translation verification

Translation notarization (translator's signature) – from UAH 160

Notarized copy – from UAH 170

Passport translation verification - from UAH 300

Translation urgent notarization – upon agreement

Certification with the translation agency's seal – from UAH 25