Polish Translation

Today, translations into Polish is one of the most popular in Ukraine. After all, unlike the inhabitants of Western (and to a lesser extent Central) Ukraine, most of whom at least understand Polish, the Ukrainians from Eastern and Southern Regions of the country practically are not practically proficient in Polish.

However, people from all over Ukraine head to Poland to work. In order to become legalized and get a job legally, you need to submit a package of documents in Polish (the official language of the host country). The documents must be completed properly, so the best solution is to seek assistance with the professionals.

Competent written translations of documents is a profile of the Mova Club Translation Agency. We do our job in an efficient, prompt manner and at a comparable price. In addition to the documents translation into Polish our Agency confirms the documents by a notary.

Translation of documents from Ukrainian into Polish

Mova Club Translation Agency (Kyiv) will readily assist those who intend to study in Poland, launch business, or get a job there. One of the key elements of your successful activities abroad is properly translated documents and other texts that you may require. We are well aware of this in our Translation Agency, so we are ready to guarantee you:

  • timely execution of orders of any complexity;
  • compliance with all contractual obligations;
  • complete confidentiality;
  • high-quality text editing;
  • competent and most accurate translation from Ukrainian (Russian) into Polish and vice versa.

The cost of translation services offered into or from Polish depends on text volume and complexity, as well as turnaround time.

We do all kinds of translations in Polish: written, interpretation, simultaneous, consecutive, etc. If you need an Apostille from the Ministry of Education, our Agency will provide this service too.

Certified translations into Polish in Kyiv

Mova Club Translation Agency in addition to the Polish translation of documents will also assist you with documents notary certification.

Polish translation of the package of documents – standard documents to apply for employment, study visa to Poland:

  • Secondary school diploma, marriage certificate, birth certificate
  • Foreign passport, Diploma of Higher Education
  • Translation of medical record, complete secondary education certificate in Ukraine

If you need to translate other documents, the cost of translation into Polish is agreed separately.

Translations certified by a professional translator from Poland (native speaker)

The cost per page of such a translation is always higher than the standard translation. Verification of documents translated by the Polish interpreter is an absolute guarantee of compliance with language standards. This service costs a bit more, but it is necessary for those who intend to receive degree in Polish higher educational institutions, since the properly executed documents indicate the seriousness of your intentions.

Ordering translation of texts and documents into Polish is easy – just contact our experts. We have a staff of qualified translators from and into Polish; hence, we guarantee the high quality and operational efficiency.

Polish translation of documents – cost and terms

Mova Club is one of the top companies in Kyiv engaged in translation. Our Translation Agency offers technical translations, urgent translations (if necessary, the job is done within few hours). We provide a high professional level of interpreting, synchronous, consecutive translations – any translations from/into Polish, English and other languages.

Due to our staff expertise and qualification we cope with the large volume of work that allows keeping prices low for translation of documents into Polish and other languages. Regular customers receive individual discounts.

Our Translation Agency cooperates with the best notaries in Kyiv; hence, we can certify your documents within the shortest possible period of time. “Legalization” is among the services provided; along with the translation you will get an Apostille or officially certified documents for submission to the Polish Consulate (Embassy).

Need a competent translation into Polish? Please contact our Translation Agency. We translate any official documents: certificates, records, authorization documents. We provide the legalization services: notary certification, Apostille.

We provide all kinds of technical and specialized translations. We guarantee the quality and reasonable price!