Technical translation

Technical translations - is a work of the high complexity and responsibility, which can be performed in a quality manner only by the highly skilled editors and translators of technical texts who have appropriate education and experience.

The Mova Club Translation Agency in Kyiv provides the professional technical and scientific texts translation at a high professional level for reasonable cost.

What is it a technical translation?

Technical translation – is a translation of the specialized technical texts and documents, which requires the translator to possess not only the common but professional specific industry vocabulary as well. In addition, the technical translation requires the knowledge of the formalistic and logical style exposition, which is characterized by the accuracy of definitions and terms used.

At that, the poorly executed scientific and technical translation can cause very serious damage, especially when it comes to translating of manuals, safety regulations, etc. Instead, the high-quality translation of the technical literature – is a literate text that most accurately reflects the information of the author's original.

What types of the technical translation services provides the Mova Club Agency?

  • technical translation from English, German and more than 30 languages;
  • technical translation from Ukrainian into English and other foreign languages;
  • translation of the scientific and technical articles;
  • translation of the technical manuals, user manuals etc.
  • translation of the tender documents, business offers;
  • translation of the products certificates of conformity and supporting technical documentation;
  • translation of the drawings and engineering plans.

Special aspects of technical document translation

Please note that to order a particular technical translation you may need the special supporting materials, including industry-specific dictionaries and separate glossary previously agreed with the customer.

In addition, in some cases in order to verify the accuracy of the terminology used we may involve experts in a particular industry, which ensures the most appropriate translation of the single-discipline terminology.

English technical translation

Today, the most popular service in Ukraine is the technical translation of English texts. When addressing to us, you can be sure that the English technical translation will be performed at the highest level considering its specificity.

Please note that the cost of the English technical translation, as well as the translation of the technical literature, depends not only on its volume, but also on the complexity of the original as well.

Translation verification with the agency's seal

If necessary, we can also verify the translated documents with the Mova Club Translation Agency's seal confirming its compliance with the original and translation appropriate quality.

How to order the technical translation in Kyiv?

If you are looking for a technical translator to request for the technical translation services - please contact the specialists of the Mova Club Translation Agency (city of Kyiv) for any advice.

Note! This is not a complete range of languages specified on the page that our Mova Club Translation Agency works with. If you do not find the language of your interest in this list, please file your corresponding request to our manager.

Technical translation prices, UAH

English: from 130

German: from 130

Spanish: from 150

Italian: from 150

French: from 150

Polish: from 150

Czech: from 240

Turkish: from 240

Bulgarian: from 240

Dutch: from 250

Norwegian: from 290

Romanian/Mold.: from 240

Lithuanian: from 240

Arabic: from 290

Chinese: from 290

Ukr.-Rus.: from 70