Translation by the native speakers

English or other translation by the native speaker (as well as proofreading by the native speaker) provides the most complete stylistic relevance and accuracy of the translation in terms of its perception by the foreigner.

The Mova Club Translation Agency recommends you necessarily to order a translation by the native English speaker or another relevant service in the following cases:

  • translation of press releases and other materials for publication abroad;
  • translation of promotional materials, brochures, presentations etc.
  • translation, localization of websites;
  • literary translation;
  • translation into Oriental languages (Chinese, Japanese, Korean, etc.).

It is reasonable to order the translation by the native speaker of Ukrainian (Russian) into English or another language in cases when it is referred to especially important image or presentation texts.

Mova Club Agency services of native-speaker translation

We cooperate only with those native speakers who were born, raised and educated in the appropriate language environment. Put simply, the English translation is performed by the Englishman or American who is fluent at the same time in the source language (Ukrainian or Russian), which allows the translator - native speaker - providing complete and accurate understanding of the meaning of the source text.

Proofreading by the native speaker (editing)

Mova Club Translation Agency also provides proofreading, editing services for the translation made by the native speaker. In this case, the original translation from the Ukrainian into English or another language is performed by the Ukrainian translator and then edited by the native speaker.

Cost of translation by the native speaker (Kyiv)

It is clear that the cost of translation or translation proofreading by the native speaker is far higher than the cost of conventional translation, since the cost of translation services abroad is higher than in Ukraine.

In order to find out the possible cost and time limits of the required translation by the native speaker – please, contact us or send a request to the Mova Club Translation Agency address.


Cost of translation by the native speaker

Written translation - upon agreement

Interpreting – upon agreement