Translation for visa receiving procedure

The competent translation of documents for receiving visa in Kyiv, as well as other documents translation for the embassy is a traditional demand among our agency's clients, especially during the period of holidays and summer vacations.

The Mova Club Translation Agency (city of Kyiv) has an extensive expertise in processing visa translations, including the translation of the Letter of Employment for the embassy, Proof of Student Status, income and account statements, medical certificates translation for the embassy, marriage certificate, death certificate, birth certificate and so on.

Certificates translations for embassy

In addition, the agency provides instant translation of driving licenses, certificates, qualifications, certificates of title to property and other documents that sometimes required for receiving visa at the embassy.

Most often the agency provides translations for receiving visa to Schengen countries, including preparation of documents for the embassies, consulates, visa centre in Germany, Italy and the Embassy of Poland and Embassy of France. Similar, we provide the English translation of the documents for the visa receiving procedure at the Embassy of the United States, Great Britain, Canada and other countries.

Where in Kiev can I translate the documents for receiving visa?

Please note that different embassies require different translation of the documents for visas, among which may be the public translation verified with the translation agency's seal or notarized translation, apostille or translation with legalization.

To find out the cost of documents translation for receiving visa, please, contact our agency managers.

Translation verification with agency's seal

If necessary, we can also verify the translated documents with the Mova Club Translation Agency's seal (so-called "documents certification for visa"), which confirms their compliance with the original and translation appropriate quality.

Note! This is not a complete range of languages specified on the page that our Mova Club Translation Agency works with. If you do not find the language of your interest in this list, please file your corresponding request to our manager.

Translation prices (for receiving visa)

English: UAH 120

German: UAH 120

Spanish: UAH 130

Italian: UAH 130

French: UAH 130

Polish: UAH 130