Websites translation, localization

Translation of websites, also known as website localization in English or any other language – is often one of the key factors that affect your business’s success. At that, the translation of texts for the website must be made professionally; otherwise you can lose potential customers. The best way to localize the website is to do this through the translation agency.

Of course, there is no need to translate the website into all languages of the world. In general, the language for website translation should be a state or international one, i.e. language spoken by the target audience of your business. Moreover, even one country residents may communicate with each other in two or even three languages. For example, in Ukraine, where most people speak both Ukrainian, and Russian. So, a website that aims to attract the attention of maximum number of people should be presented at least in two language versions: Ukrainian and Russian.

However, many companies business is not limited to one country, it has potential customers worldwide. For example, some Ukrainian companies manufacture products of European quality or provide services that may be requested in other states. However, the language barrier is a major problem for business expansion complicating the information dissemination.

Website translation into English

In this case, the main tool to attract new foreign partners for cooperation and expand the customer database is website translation into other language. This way the native speakers will receive the necessary information about the company and products it offers. The best option is to translate the website texts into official language of the country where you are going to promote your business. If the budget is limited, you must create an English version of the website. After all, English is the language of international communication and 80% of information online is in English. More than a half of the planet population understands English. And website translation into English costs less than its translation into, say, Swedish or Hindi.

Today, English has become the language of business. It is a universal language for businessmen around the world – almost all technical documentation, regardless of the country of product origin, is duplicated into English. English is considered the second official language in many countries. So its value is pretty high. Any company that translates its website into English increases the number of its potential customers more successfully. In order for potential clients become real, you need to have all the website texts written in a clear, simple, and literate manner.

Cost of website translation (localization)

Fixed price for website translation – is a thing which does not exist at all. Since the cost of web-resource localization depends on several factors. First and foremost on the language the website should be translated into.

The cost of translator’s job on localization is also determined by the complexity of the text, need for corrections, formatting, proofreading or its adaptation for specific needs. Site translation into Chinese, for example, is twice as expensive, than its translation into English. It costs less to translate the website from Ukrainian into Russian and vice versa.

Website translation – terms of performance

Different types of texts have standard terms; if necessary we can also provide an urgent translation of the site. At that, the complexity of resource texts also somewhat affects the performance term, if you want to translate the website into Russian or English. When translating into other languages the difficulties arise with the articles containing many scientific and technical terms. The standard, i.e., regular operating speed of professionals in translating the website is 10 pages (custom) per day. The number of custom page characters is 1800, including punctuation and spaces.

For languages that are considered difficult to translate, the standard daily performance volume is not more than 8 pages. And if you need to translate the website from Ukrainian or Russian into Japanese, then five custom pages per day is a relatively high operating speed. Most often, the website owners require an urgent translation. In this mode, the website localization takes no more than a day, and sometimes, provided that the amount of text allows for this, few hours.

Full details are necessary in order to accurately determine the term of website translation, so, when placing order, it is advisable to provide the Mova Club Translation Agency (Kyiv) with references to the relevant resource or send source files via e-mail. This allows specifying the cost of localization and terms required for performance.

You can order an urgent translation of the website or wait for the order execution within standard terms; the operating speed is always stipulated in advance.

How to place an order for a website translation with Translation Agency?

Usually the website contains a lot of material in various formats, while webmasters use quite different types of files. In order to make high-quality translation of a website as soon as possible, the original documents should be provided. Only in this case the translators will be able to localize full information stored on files.

When ordering website localization, be sure to specify the desired time limits, language you want to translate your site into and other requirements: proofreading, formatting, layout, etc.

We warrant that upon completion of work by Translation Agency you will have an operational website in English, Ukrainian, Russian, German, Polish, or other foreign language with literate and understandable texts.

Mova Club Translation Agency benefits in websites localization

Our Agency offers website translation within the minimum period of time, and virtually into any language. Just send a link to a required site, specify the terms and language, and leave the rest for our translators.

Remember that the site is a business tool that should generate income. Site translation into other languages provides additional opportunities for marketing outside Ukraine and promotes your business.

Adapting the site for users speaking different languages, you will be able to significantly expand the target audience and develop new markets. Text content translation in our Agency is provided taking into account cultural and social characteristics of the region, where potential customers and business partners live, and hence, increases the competitiveness and efficiency of marketing.

Your site in English or other foreign language will allow formulating a strategy for business development and assessing your real opportunities to promote products and services that meet the customer needs in other countries, or expats in Ukraine.

Our Agency employs professional translators with extensive experience; they know how to attract customers and will choose the best way of information presentation. Each site has its own specifics, so the translation is done by people thoroughly enlightened on the subject. This is a prerequisite that we strictly adhere to.

Translation of medical websites will be performed by a translator specialized in medical translations. Technical websites will be handled by the experts in technical translations. Our staff is comprised of translators with an extensive knowledge in law, we also have professional linguists. That is, your website translation will be performed by an expert, not mere a person knowing a foreign language.

In case of need, the native speaker of target language will make a translation, not just proofreading of already translated texts. This is a guarantee that the website content will meet the language standards. However, this type of translation costs, of course, much more. The best option is to have a translation performed by Ukrainian translator, followed by the native speaker proofreading the text and making appropriate amendments.

Attention! Mova Club Translation Agency works with a vast number of languages in addition to those listed on this page. If you do not find the language of your interest in this list, please, contact our manager.

Website localization prices

English: from UAH 120

German: from UAH 120

Spanish: from UAH 130

Italian: from UAH 130

French: from UAH 130

Polish: from UAH 130

Czech: from UAH 230

Turkish: from 230

Bulgarian: from 230

Dutch: from 240

Norwegian: from 280

Romanian/Mold.: from 230

Lithuanian: from 280

Arabic: from 300

Chinese: from 300

Ukr.-Rus.: from 70