When you order a translation with the Mova Club Translation Agency you can be 100% confident in the quality of our services.

What is the basis for our warranties?

Absolute professionalism

Our Agency is not called a Club for nothing – because the people working with us meet the 3 key criteria: professionalism, honesty and love for their work. The

Mova Club experts are certified specialists who have extensive experience in both written and oral translations in the variety of topics. In addition, almost all of them have additional education (medical, technical, economic, legal, etc.) allowing us to guarantee the high quality specialized translation - technical, legal, art, etc.


We guarantee our Customers – both corporate clients and individuals – the absolute processed materials confidentiality which is regulated by our internal regulations.

Editorial control

Unlike most other translation agencies, the Mova Club Translation Agency applies for the written translations (except for the instant ones) an additional editorial control – text proofreading and editing by another specialist. This provides 95% reduction in the probability of random errors (so called “human factor) being completely free for the customers!


In the event, where the translation provided doesn’t satisfy the Customer for any reason - we will provide for free an additional correction in accordance with the client’s review or refund the cost of the order in full. Such cases do not exceed 1% of our scope of works, but we are ready for this.

Ultimately, our success main guarantee is the inner desire for continuous improvement. So if you have any comments or suggestions about our Agency’s work - please feel free to send them directly to me, the Head of the Mova Club.

Sincerely yours,
Yulia Radzivil
Director of the Mova Club Translation Agency, city of Kyiv