Corporate clients

The translation for business – also known as B2B translations – is the priority area of the Mova Club Translation Agency’s (Kyiv) activity.

It is understood that no business is possible without cooperation. And when the company enters the international market, the issue of translation becomes relevant as soon as the company acquires at least one foreign partner.

After all, the arrangements – both oral and written – should be clear to both parties. Similarly, the end user of any product produced by a company should be satisfied with its quality and perspicuity of use.

So, when it comes to the modern business – in most cases this also applies to the field of translation.

Today the business community of Ukraine is often facing the need for business translation:

Moreover, all of these translations for businesses require professional approach, especially responsible attitude and confidentiality.

Mova Club Translation Agency (Kyiv) performs the complex, urgent and high-volume translations for corporate clients.

To achieve this we have developed a comprehensive translation and management solutions that allow us promptly responding to the clients’ requirements, offering you the high-quality service at a suitable price:

  • High-quality professional translation;
  • Pricing flexibility;
  • Personal project manager or group of managers assigned to the company;
  • When needed –free of charge test translation;
  • Strict adherence to the deadlines of translation orders.

Important: We guarantee 100% confidentiality of all processed materials.

If you are looking for reliable translators from English, German, Spanish, Polish, or other languages – we deliver all this! Mova Club is a company that has a highest regard for the long-term partnerships and takes full responsibility for all oral and written commitments to our client.

The best proof of this is that we have the confidence of the representatives of both small and medium businesses, and leaders of the domestic and international markets as well.

Please, refer to our warranties – and join our valued customers’ community!